Squadron Patch - Roswell CAP

Roswell, New Mexico CAP Squadron 082
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Our Squadron Patch
Designed by 1Lt. Joe Bellicini
Blazon – The Dexter is the Civil Air Patrol propeller emblem and the entire Dexter and Dexter Base is devoted to it and indicates this squadron participates in the three CAP primary missions. The Sinister is the horizontal red and white chevron with a Roswell cattle brand symbolizing a Roswell Squadron mission. The Sinister Chief consists of three black arrowhead elements to symbolize other mission assets working with the squadron and connected directly to CAP or other independent mission assets. The black intersection lines are mutual lines of communication and cooperation that connects the Dexter to the Sinister as well as the Sinister Chief elements. The white background of the Chief represents daylight and the blue Sinister background represents the sky. The USAF yellow scroll background represents excellence and honor. Thus, there is no need for a top scroll with a motto. All aspects of the disc are in compliance with the, Civil Air Patrol Heraldry Guide, published by the Civil Air Patrol National History Program, Maxwell AFB, Alabama. This includes utilizing the USAF publication, Guide to Air Force Heraldry, January 2013.
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